Sunday, 2 April 2017

A Perfect Job For Nigel?

Nigel was in town mooching and is often his want, he likes to spend time reading the cards that are often put up in shop windows.
LambingIt’s seems an awful long time since his days of sauce rotation at the Girls School, and he still misses it a little bit …….
lambing 3……. but though he occasionally hankers after sorting the odd sachet of tomatoes sauce or vinegar,  he had to admit that the prospect of feeding and lambing sheep sounded a far more romantic occupation ……. and wondered,  though without any real experience of sheeps and lambing, whether never missing the omnibus edition of The Archers on a Sunday morning might count if he phoned with his resume!     


Di said...

Sorry Nigel, not a chance if you don't have experience of mint sauce sachets!? Snort. xx

Mr.D said...

Does Nigel know what lambing is?
It could all get very messy.

PharmacyMichele said...

If think Nigel might be in for a shock when he works out what is involved in "lambing"! Perhaps it would be better all round if he stuck with The Archers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting - but then again thinking of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis IBR, being rampant in Borchestershire I'd keep away from all things Countryfile if I were you young Nige! JantheFan x
p.s. Hang your head in shame Pip Archer - your friendship with that Fairbrother will all end in tears - mark your grandmother's words!

Dianne said...

Dear Nigel's romantic ideas of livestock farming might best be kept in the dreaming mode..... reality can be way too traumatic when faced with the truth about the Sunday leg of lamb..his talent organizing packets is so very helpful to many....and surely he would miss being on board for the Archer's .....Love to all, Dianne