Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A Most Wonderful Present From Exotic Foreign Climes

We’ve been here, there and everywhere over Christmas and New Year and as a result we haven’t really had the time to post absolutely everything we got up to, so today we thought we would go back to a very special present that we took with us to Lucy’s in Wolverhampton to open at our leisure.
It was a present was from our very good friends Ze Monkeys (above) coming all the way from a most romantic and wintery Germany (below)
WP_20171208_22_01_43_Pro[1]We decided that the best place to open said present was in bed in Lucy’s very tastefully festively adorned guestroom.
The parcel, it has to be said was beautifully wrapped on the outside  …….
…… and when the first layer was removed we mistakenly thought that Ze Monkeys had sent us a Kucher Unterbauradio ……..
IMG_6252 …… however, after further enravellment the box gave up, not a radio but a most wonderful array of Germanic treats ……
……. let’s just say we could already feel a whole series of German Delicacy Reviews coming on.
Thank you soooooooo much Ze Monkeys, we hope we can do your very kind gift justice, however, I can see a few heated debates on what we should review first …….  but if I have my way, it will be the Original Halloren Kugeln Sahne-Cacao …… nom, nom,nom!


Mr.D said...

Another great gift from afar.

Ze monkeys have done well.


Di said...

Happy New Year boys - we do like those striped PJs BTW!

Love from Hank and Marvin xx

Dianne said...

Oh wow!.....those special German treats always mean great taste sensations will be in your future......looking forward to the treat reviews!.....Love, Dianne

Ze Monkeys said...

Glad they made it to you safely--- and looking forward to another set of entertaining reviews. :-)