Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Still Suffering

We are all very much strangers to a syringe, but after finding ourselves bedridden for these past few days and still suffering, we shall definitely be making sure we are all fully inoculated against the flu next winter, even if we have to queue.
I swear last night I accidently touched Darrell’s leg and it hurt me! 


Mr.D said...

How awful.

I had a 'flu jab this year and didn't catch Mrs. D's nasty bout. I read that the UK jab didn't cover the most common one for this year.

Get well soon!

Di said...

Aw bless you - get well soon!


Di xx

Dianne said...

It always seems so easy to bypass the flu shot, and though it doesn't cover all those nasty little troublemakers, it is our best hope......didn't get mine this year and feeling sorry about my lazy lapse.....take good care and each day will look better!...Love, Dianne