Friday, 12 January 2018

Nigel Won’t Be Beat By Darrell

It has to be said that where Darrell sets the trend, Nigel is not short to follow …….. and with his New York Adventure never far from his mind Nigel has already said that he doesn’t want to be found wanting in the grooming department, and as such he has already started a “beauty” regime of his own …….
IMG_6333Let’s just say that though I can’t fault the intention, Nigel’s choice of product can only be described as not a little unusual and diverse in their aromatic emittance!
IMG_6334 …….. the whiffs that waft from bathroom and Nigel during and after his ablutions certainly do have an extraordinary and rare piquancy about them!


Mr.D said...

Garlic and chocolate? These could be part of Mexican Mole sauce.

Dianne said...

Nigel is definitely on the path to adventurous scents!.....didn't know all that was available ....Darrell may need to guide Nigel along to scents that will be appreciated by fellow passengers on the plane!....Love, Dianne