Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Our First Confectionary Review Of 2018 - Original Halloren Balls

As we said a couple of days ago our beloved friends Ze Monkeys dans exotic Germany sent us a wonderful parcel of Teutonic delicacies for Christmas and today we thought we would bring you the first of our reviews, which, after some light hearted debate, we all agreed should be for the Halloren Cocoa and Cream Balls.
Darrell used a German to English app to translate the blurb to enable us to ascertain that, and I quote  “ …….The original cream of the finest cream is composed with aromatic cocoa cream and wrapped in crunchy dark chocolate. This treat is a top pleasure for lovers of sweet delicacies.”  They indeed appeared to promise much.
On opening the box we were surprised to see that they were “served” in a tray, we had rather expected that they would be loose and wrapped, rather like a Lindor …….. but they still looked very, tempting, in, how did Nigel put it, “their raw nakedness”  What is he like?
And how did they taste? Well, they certainly did not disappoint …… the chocolate did have a certain crunch as you bit into each ball and the cream and cocoa filling ticked all our richness boxes, the flavour of the cream subtly coming to the fore and then mingling with the cocoa as we chewed, delicious and moreish.
We loved then, neigh, we adored them …….. and then Darrell translated a little more and discovered that you can pop two or three of your balls into hot milk and stir for two or three minutes for a “delicious drinking pleasure!” 
Well, it would have been rude not to ……..
…… so we tried it with two of our balls ………. what can we say but “was für eine wundervolle Erfahrung” (what a most wonderful experience).
It would have been so easy to award our balls 10 out of 10 on our world famous Richter Scale of noms, but we didn’t want to peak too soon with several more German comestible treats to try …….
…….. therefore, with this in mind we decided to awarded Original Halloren Kugeln nine out of ten, with the proviso that we can revise our score, if needed, once we have sampled the rest our German sweetmeats.


Mr.D said...

They look great.

Rather than adding them to hot milk, make the hot chocolate the normal way and then add two or three chocolate balls to it. Nomtastic.

Dianne said...

My oh My!......the description alone gets the the taste bud juices flowing! obvious hit every which way ......made me think of a special candy treat I loved as a teenager called opera creams.....fantastic start to the reviews!....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

My mouth was well watering reading that! Yummy yum yum - again!!! JantheFan x