Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Manly Tools

This morning you find The Towers awash with rampantly manly Toblerone testosterone, what can I say?
Darrell is bursting with pride as the instigator of our renovations and full of doting admiration, as Mr Pete, our bespoke bedroom expert, is obviously a man of a great many tools, that he is not shy to get out and display  ……
……. as also has an equally large and  impressive toolbox
IMG_6474Nigel has been warned to keep well away ……..
……. we just cannot risk any accidental incidents of an impalage type nature.
I have told him that he can have just the tiniest peek after Mr Pete has gone home at the end of the day, but to be honest, I would have much rather had him adopted temporarily while the work is being carried out …….
….. as the “thing” in the hall terrifies me!
Perhaps I am just an old worry wart … but I know Nigel.  Tomorrow I think I might send him out to do some shopping in the mahooosive Tesco up the road and throw in a free lunch, in the hope that he will find other “more interesting” distractions for as much of the day as possible.


Mr.D said...

Good luck keeping Nigel under control!

Dianne said...

Aha!... the bedroom organization/renovation has begun as the Towers is buffed and polished to design perfection .....going to be wonderful once done and all goes into place.....can be nerve wracking but the end will justify the nervous anxiety......exciting for sure with all that manly work progressing here and there!.....Love, Dianne