Sunday, 21 January 2018

Grand Designs A La Towers

We’ve been at The Towers for 18 months now and I thought that we had things pretty much sorted, but then Darrell, after watching a box set of Grand Designs and perusing a pile of House Beautiful at the dentists, suggested we could tweak a little more in the bedroom department.
Being a bijoux apartment,  space is always of the premium and Darrell thought we could afford to add a few more drawers and shelves in the largest bedroom to wit mine!  So plans were drawn up and sent back and forth until Darrell was happy! 
Darrell has now started project managing, heaven help me, firstly by supervising the installation of two new sets of plug sockets …………
……. and tomorrow the main work of constructing said shelves and drawers begins …… I told him, before he almost went out and bought one, that he really didn’t need a hard hat and that perhaps a selection of biscuits for Pete, our carpenter, might be far more useful.   I will keep you informed of progress …………


Mr.D said...

I hope Nigel keeps clear of the carpenter. Good luck with this!

Dianne said...

Project manager Darrell will ensure all remains on course, unless he should come across a new design that seems just right for the project....but hopefully not!.....things are buzzing and humming at the Towers..Love, Dianne