Monday, 1 January 2018

New Years Day 2018

Aghhhhh, I hope you don’t mind if I wish you a Happy New Year in extremely hushed tones, or better still, through the medium of mime this morning?
Although our New Years Eve was a sedate and quiet affair, Darrell’s cocktails proved to be, how shall I say, a lot more potent than the first few sips alluded.  I vaguely remember finishing a penal collided colander Pina Colada, but after that I am not even sure I was conscious when Big Ben chimed 2018 in.
Thank goodness Darrell did all his food prep yesterday afternoon and won’t need a great deal of help today,  and,  as our guests aren’t due till around 6 o’clock tonight,  I think I have enough time to get some fresh air and “gird my loins” ……….
And Nigel and Darrell? ……….. They are absolutely full of the joys of the New Year and say I am just  the lightest light weight they have ever known! What are they like?


Mr.D said...

Happy New Year to mum, her monkeys, adopted monkeys and all who read and write on this wonderful, funny and imaginative blog!

Mr. and Mrs. D in Mexico City.

PharmacyMichele said...

Happy New Year everyone!!

I think my last Snowball was a mistake but I have all day to recouperate, thank goodness.


macrofairy said...

Right back at ya Mr & Mrs D. in Mexico City. Oh dear, oh dear boyz - all things will be fine and dandy by 6.00 p.m.
Shouting (very quietly) HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all. I'm looking forward to all the adventures you take us all on during 2018. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Wishing a very Happy New Year to all the dear friends at the
Towers with much appreciation for all the good times they share with their devoted readers......their adventures are a special gift each day!.....Much love to all, Dianne