Thursday, 11 January 2018

Nigel’s Over Active Imagination

Sometimes Nigel’s imagination is just a little too vivid for my liking ….  and he certainly spends too much time at the window, believe me if we had nets they would be twitching like nobody’s business!!!
Yesterday afternoon, with not much to do, he was absolutely convinced he had spotted some sort of smuggling activity, modern day smugglers bringing their contraband ashore by boat, just like in the olden days ……..
He reasoning came from the fact that he had never seen a boat land on one of the fishing platforms before, adding that if we poked around underneath it goodness only knows what plunder we would find carefully stored to be collected at a later date, doubloons, gold, precious gems or even whisky, who knows!
It took me quite a while to calm him down and say that I didn’t think that there was or ever has been a smuggling problem on the Avon and the gentlemen in question  were just ordinary fishermen out for a quiet afternoons sport.
I have to say, he didn’t seem that convinced, he was positive that he had seen some sort of nefarious, winter, waterborne activity …….
IMG_6076 ……sometimes I just have to raise my hands in despair and  lay the blame firmly on Captain Jack Sprat Sparrow


Mr.D said...

What next?

Visions of whales gliding along the river?

Anonymous said...

HeHe - perhaps he needs to write a novel called, Tales of the that takes me back.......JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Wow!..... what a development; real shocker if pirates are making their way up the Avon!....hope this fanciful idea won't disturb Nige's sleep.....Love from Dianne