Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Little Frozen Refreshment

Picture 335
When it’s hot, there is nothing Darrell and I like better than an ice lolly or mini tub of ice cream.  I also love the rush of cold air that hits you when you first open the fridge
Picture 336
Darrell is very partial to a Fruit Pastilles lolly as he says they are very refreshing and help cleanse his palette after lunch.Picture 334 
I, on the other hand like a Feast, I love the combination of ice cream, chocolate and nuts, but ….. I don’t like it when it is a really hot day and the ice cream melts faster than I can eat it and it runs down the stick and then down my arm ………… I don’t know where I should lick first to stop getting into a sticky and unseemly mess!


Candycane said...

Ooh a mint feast is one of my faves also!

Didnt know you could still get them ....

Sheeps prefers a cornetto he has told me to tell you ;P

Sal xXx

Mr. D said...

And a Fruit Pastilles lolly counts as one of your five.