Monday, 19 July 2010

Our First Blog Award – Part Three

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Winning our Blog Award has really made me and Darrell think about our like and dislikes and our hopes and ambitions. Today I am going to tell you two things about me that I don’t think you know ….
 ...... Although one of my favourite films is Carry on Camping, I have never spent a night under canvas, something I would dearly love to do as it seems so exciting.
I think I would  try a night out in our garden first, to see if I like it and then, if I do, I would venture a little further a field, but not somewhere where there are any cows.
The second thing I would like to tell you is that I HATE playing Monopoly, in fact  as part of my Christmas preparations I always make sure the box is so well hidden no one can find it ….. trouble is the following year someone always buys a replacement, so far I have secreted ten Monopoly boards around the house!

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Mr. D said...

Further afield, in a field? I camped in Botswana and there were no protective fences. You had to be careful at night in case there were lions or, more likely, hippos.
Hipo is Spanish for hiccups.