Wednesday, 14 July 2010

C’est Bastille Day Aujourd’hui

Bonjour mes petits amis …… it’s Bastille Day at work!
Picture 325
And naturally my first port of call is to the canteen where the menu looks most exotic.
 Picture 333
But, I am not sure of how to ask for a baked potato in French, I think it is Pomme de terre en robe des champs, but I might just point and say “Oui, si vous plait” when the dinner lady tells me what it is.
 Picture 332
The Young Ladies have been very busy making props of a French nature, but I have to admit to being une petite peu reluctant when they put me in the guillotine!
Picture 337 Picture 346
Thank goodness the blade was only made of cardboard!
Picture 327
As I rather like having my head attached to my neck!

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Mr. D said...

In general, heads should be attached to necks. Some people don't have necks. Remember Gladstone Small?
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