Thursday, 29 July 2010

New Jumpers Made By Brenda’s Lovely Mum.

Picture 386
My friends, Hugo and Dennis, are dead chuffed because Brenda, the  PE lady at works Mum has knit them a jumper each – and they have caused quite a stir …… Hugo and Dennis can’t stop looking each other wearing them and must have admired them from every angle possible!
Picture 388 Picture 390
I have asked Brenda if her mum could knit me and Darrell a jumper too, if she has the time.  I would really like a jumper in Wolves colours ready for the new season and Darrell wouldn’t mind a stripy one like Dennis.  I am going to get some wool next time I go on the Banga bus to town, I have never bought wool before …….  how EXCITING!

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Mr. D said...

Brenda's lovely mum or lovely Brenda's mum? Stripes like Dennis the menace? We need to know.