Monday, 26 July 2010

National Fishing Month

A little something you didn’t know about me …… Picture 437
It’s National Fishing Month and I do enjoy a bit of fishing now and again, I don’t like to brag, but I have won a few trophies in my time for it, but as you can see I have not been diligent with the silver polish!
National Fishing Month 1
It’s a bit of a science, choosing the right rod to go with the right reel ……
National Fishing Month 2010 aNational fishing Month 2010
…….. then  deciding which float(s) to use …………
Floats for national Fishing Month
……. and don’t get me started on maggots …..
Though it is practice amongst some fisherman to warm their maggots between their lips on a cold day, it is not something I indulge in myself.
Tight Lines!

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Mr. D said...

French Day,
National Insect Week,
Fishing Month.
What next? Bear Year?