Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday Morning Ritual

Sunday Morning isn’t Sunday Morning  without the omnibus edition of the Archers - “the everyday story of country folk”, I just love it …..
Picture 368
Sometimes I am tempted to look on Google Image to see what the characters look like in real life, but, on the one occasion I did look I was very disappointed. I knew Shula’s voice so well but she looked nothing like the picture in my head, I liked my picture much better!
Picture 367
Sometimes investigating your curiosity isn’t that good an idea.


Julia Dunnit said...

YOu're right Monkey. Hope you're over poor old Pip's dramas!

Mr. D said...

I suppose I could hear it on a podcast - whatever that means. I don't have any pods and if I did I doubt I would cast them.
Also the word verification word is "gatpoxbn." I don't know what that means either.