Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Our First Blog Award – Part Four

Today Darrell and I have decided to answer one question each to complete our acceptance of our blog award. I am going first ........
“Monkey, How do you recharge your batteries?”
I’ve got this BRILLIANT recharger from Maplins which takes all the battery sizes I use. Before I got it, I used to spend a fortune on buying batteries.
Picture 411
“Darrell, do you have a secret crush?”
I love Cheryl Cole, she is very luuuuuuverrly. I am worried that she is very poorly at the moment, so I have sent her a “Get Well” card via ITV. I get very jealous when Simon Cowell sits next to her on the X Factor, I wish it was me.


Candycane said...

Oh monkey your so funny!

One day you may even get to Meet Mrs Cole!!!

Sal and Sheeps! xXx

Mr. D said...

There are other ways to charge one's batteries. Have a holiday.