Friday, 30 July 2010

Dreams …..

Darrell and I often think about what we would do if we won the lottery and how we would spend the money.…….
Picture 285
We also like to pore over the free brochures that come with the Sunday papers like Healthy Living Direct and Easylife and dream of the wondrous things we could purchase if we were rich.
Picture 286
Darrell has set his heart on an electronic ear cleaner and some socks for tired feet.
Picture 304 Picture 306
And I would like to get Lucy a vibrant kaftan and some spoons for getting to the bottom of a Branston pickle jar for Auntie Jan ……
Picture 307 Picture 308
It must be wonderful to make the wishes of your loved ones come true …….
Picture 288

1 comment:

Mr. D said...

What about gifts from people like Ronco and K-Tel (if they are people.)