Friday, 16 July 2010

Chocolate of the Nobility

We know that this should be on our Confectionary Review page  but we were frightened some of our readers might miss it there.
Picture 312
Darrell and I  have been sent something very, very special, …some chocolate from the House of Lords …. how BRILLIANT is that?
Picture 316
Our hands were shaking as we opened up our parcel, for we knew we were privy to the chosen confectionary of the nobility and that we should handle it with all due respect.
Picture 314
I did wonder if we should have opened it wearing white cotton gloves, but to be honest, we’ve only got Poundland magic mittens and they seem inappropriate when handling such a precious item.
Picture 317
When we first unwrapped it all we could do was stare and inhale the aroma of the chocolate, smelling the same smells as Her Majesty the Queen must do when the Prime Minister drops off her supply when he attends their weekly audience.
Picture 319
But then we realised that if we left it too long it would go stale, and that would be a very great waste, so we tucked in.
Picture 320
We ate it very slowly, savouring each mouthful, making sure we put aside a chunk for Lucy and Auntie Jan to try when they next visit.
Our only criticism ….. and it is a little contentious we know, BUT the logo on the wrapper is gold and we think that perhaps it would look a little better if the foil wrapper was in gold too rather than silver.  As Auntie Jan is always telling us - “It’s all in the detail”
If you would like to send us any chocolate to try and then review ………. please feel free!


Candycane said...

Hope you enjoyed it!!

Sal xXx

Mr. D said...

Did a real Lord send you it or can any prole buy it?