Thursday, 22 July 2010

We’ve Had Fan Mail

Sorry, this is a LONG post!
Today has been the most exciting day ever, we’ve had a fan letter and a present.  How BRILLIANT is that?
Picture 480 Picture 481
When I arrived home, after nipping to the SPAR, I found a parcel on the mat addressed to “Monkey”  - I didn’t recognise the writing and on the back all it said was “Sender - Jan the Fan”
parcel Picture 483
Darrell and I were sooooooooo excited!
Picture 489
I opened it up very carefully, and inside was a letter and a small parcel that rattled when Darrell shook it.
Picture 491s
We read the letter first, it was from a “fan” called Jan,  who lives in Newcastle Upon Tyne (which is our very favourite accent!).
Picture 496
She says she is going to write to Paul O’Grady about us, how exciting – we love Paul O’Grady!!!! We might hear  our names on the radio, how BRILLIANT would that be?
Picture 492
Then, we opened up the little present. Jan The Fan said that we might need them to suck if we go on a long journey, or when we sleep in our tent in the garden.
Picture 498
Darrell was very taken with the sticker on the parcel and stuck it on his shirt.
Picture 499 Picture 502
Inside the parcel was a tiny tin of monkey mints, with pictures of monkeys on the lid. We were both overwhelmed by the kindness and we both welled up a little bit.Picture 508
Thank you Jan – we will treasure your letter and gift forever, you have made two monkeys very very happy XXXX
If you would like to pop over to our confectionary review page we have reviewed our mints ……


Debbie said...

I love you monkeys. You have the best blog for miles around.

Debs xx

Mr. D said...

Wow - accents are great. I don't have one myself. I used to get the Wolves kids to say "five" and "nine." Never got fed up with it.