Monday, 17 February 2014

A Robust And De Rigueur Decorating Process Chez Castle Greysquirrel

The more keen eyed of you may have noticed that the walls of Castle Greysquirrel have looked of slightly shonky type nature for quite some time now, plus the appearance of a new cooker, cupboards and work surfaces …..  well ……  we have been going through a bit of a reincarnation restoration, redecoration programme ………
…….. and now after many months, we are on the final push dans le cuisine….. yesterday we had the momentous laying on of the floor covering ….. as selected by Darrell via Skype, aided and abetted by Hugh, his friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill, …..
…… Darrell would hold up tiles one at a time to the camera for Hugh to meticulously scrutinise and give his expert and considered opinion as to whether it was tres de rigueur and therefore suitable for London tastes or was just “plain sooooo yesterday darrrrlingggg”…..
In the end, through of this robust transatlantic satellite elimination process  they finally came to their decision,  to wit a dark slate effect tile romantically named Onyx ……. it is indeed tres de rigueur ….. Darrell was over the moon and texted pictures ten to the dozen to Hugh of the finished results.
But now Darrell’s attention is firmly focused on the aforementioned very shonky kitchen walls ….. I predict the whole Skype process will begin again in the next day or so, until a suitable ambient and of course de rigueur wall covering has selected! What are they like?


Anonymous said...

Has Darrell sold yesterday's ring on ebay to pay for this reincarnation - no - restoration - no deterioration - no redecoration programme???? JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Looking great. Hugh is a monkey of many talents.

Anonymous said...

Am a novice where London de rigueur is concerned, but my humble decorating skills think the dark slate floor is perfect with your gorgeous counter tops! I would say it is not only redecoration, it also qualifies as a kitchen reincarnation.....Castle Greysquirrel is looking magazine worthy!....Dianne