Thursday, 6 February 2014

Party, Party, Party …. Like Pirates

Last Night we partied like “Pirates Bold” …… but what are we like? 
Picture13We had been so diligent in taking pictures of all our party preparations beforehand, but then as soon as our honoured guests started arriving, brandishing their cutlasses and “a-hhhhaa-ring” and “Jim Ladding” like pirates possessed, we completely forgot, being otherwise occupied in our duties as attentive and very genial hosts ……… we are sooooo gutted!
However …… as they say in the blogging world, the post must go on!  So …. Darrell was our party decor co-ordinator, and I have to say he did a remarkable job.  He said that he had deliberately veered away from the non de rigueur bunting, balloons, posters and table confetti, but went for a few key pieces to set an ambient pirate mood and atmosphere.
And Nigel’s self appointed job, apart from robustly sampling all the food, checking carefully for weevils and maggots, seemed to be trying out all Darrell’s aforementioned key pieces …..
……. to make sure they looked properly authentic with a small pirate sat in them!!!!
Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen preparing pirate vittles, the mainstay of which was hot pork and roast beef baps with stuffing, gravy, and complimentary sauces, not very authentic I admit ….. and it did worry me ……..….. but it was my take on what I think pirates would dream of tucking into when they returned to old blighty  and made for the nearest pirate tavern with a carvery facilities, after spending months living on stuff pickled in barrels and sea biscuits!
When it was all set out, it looked very wonderful and we all congratulated ourselves on all our efforts …..

…….. it’s just a pity about the lack of pictures of the proceedings!!  Lesson learned …..
………. next time we have another one of our intimate soirees we WILL have a designated photographer!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Mum - I like the look of your baps!
It doesn't look like a grey skull, it looks more like a bronze one to me.

Anonymous said...

this is so very pirate impressive....Darrell has set the de rigueur decor bar high with the perfect few key pieces...that menu would make any pirate shiver with robust gusto! Darrell does wear his pirate inspired head scarf with a jaunty ho ho ho look.....A night to remember on high seas or land for one and all....Dianne