Wednesday, 5 February 2014

We Very Much Love A Soiree

Darrell has perked up considerably from his winter doldrums, crossing off the days until his next trip to London to stay with his best friend and mentor Hugh who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill has much lightened his mood ….. but I did think that Nigel and I could do with a bit of a boost too ……..
……. so I suggested that we host one of our now famous Castle Greysquirrel impromptu soirees, avec une grande and daring theme ……  to wit, Pirates, as I had already espied that Poundland had a most ample range of Pirate accoutrements for such events.
So, we sent out a very select number of much sought after invitations, planned our menu, sorted out our costumes  and then, all that was left to do was “create” a Pirate Pot for each of our guests amidst our growing anticipation and robust excitement ……
We put in chocolate coins for pirate doubloons, chocolate hearts  to encourage love between our pirates instead of rampant pillage ……
…… skull lollies and necklaces because after all, all pirates love a good skull ….
Picture33…….. and fruit gums and raspberry and pineapple Chewitts to stave off scurvy, berri berri, and other such Pirate diseases………
Picture34……. and to show that we had immersed ourselves in our Pirate theme!
Picture35The final touch were some glowsticks to make visible our pirates to one another, as we were planning this to be a candlelit affair!
Et voila and shiver me timbers me hearties  ….. Pirate Pots all assembled ….. and ready to grace our Pirate feasting bench …. ahaaaaa Jim Lad ……..


Mr.D said...

Is this an extra Talk Like a Pirate Day? Everything looks very well organised for the special evening.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum? (With which to splice the mainbrace.)
Best batten down the hatches in case anyone (i.e. Nigel)gets carried away.

Anonymous said...

All sounds ship shape to me boyz! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

You do know how to do a first class soiree!.....I can see why an invite was sought after......Pirate Pots any pirate would desire and the glow sticks are an inspired touch for a winter Pirate Soiree.....Castle Greysquirrel is THE place to be!.... do you think ordinary, run of the mill pirates usually have candlelit soirees, or just posh pirates?.......Dianne

marc said...

what treasures they shell have what ho ho hos will be heard what shanti songs and pirate waltzes will be done at this party its time to lock up your wives and daughters hide the gold and silver as the pirates are in town big ho ho and a bottle of rum fun marc