Tuesday, 4 February 2014

French And Spanish Plays Akimbo

There has been a prolifery of posters going up around school advertising plays of a foreign language type nature, which have been a source of great fascination and interest  to Nigel……
……. who hasn’t even seen a real life play in English, let alone one in a foreign tongue.
“Mon pere ne me comprend pas” and “La Habitacion de Mateo” must sound very romantic to someone like Nigel, with an inquiring mind, but who hasn’t got a clue what they say ……
….. and also very alluring, when they add in English ….. that the plays are also of a comedic type nature, which is always Nigel’s favourite genre when watching the tele chez Castle Greysquirrel. 
Nigel has already put two and two together though, working out that the French play is the funnier of the two ….. with it’s added “very” funny, as opposed to the Spanish just plain “funny”
He has also carefully noted the times of the performances and is hoping that perhaps The Cook Lady will let him finish a little earlier in the kitchen, if he can sort out and restock his sauce sachets in double quick time after lunch …..
…… thus enabling him to enjoy both or either of the aforementioned French and Spanish plays. By careful study of the characters body language, plus the audience’s laughter, he says he hopes that he will be able to glean a little of the plays meaning, even if he can’t actually make head nor tail of what they are actually saying ……. bless him!


Mr.D said...

Funny French as in 'Allo 'Allo?

Anonymous said...

Dear Nigel is in for quite an experience.....hope they are as funny as the posters say and bring Nigel lots of laughs that will transcend language......good luck Nigel with this first theatre going experience!.....Dianne

marc said...

how that little brain works I to think the French is more funny he could sale ice-creams in the interval that way he would be able to impress dinner lady with his sale plan and get to see both plays and who knows they may have subtitles running a cross the top of the stage like in films big love marc