Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Nigel Gets A Knock Back!!!!!

Yesterday was the day that Nigel had finally decided to give Tallulah his invitation to join him for a Valentine’s tea chez Castle Greysquirrel.
Tallulah's KissI could tell that he was a little nervous as he set off, as his voice had a very pronounced  squeak about it.
Valentines Day 2014However, as charming and as gracious as Tallulah was, as I suspected, and tried to prepare Nigel for, a lady of Tallulah’s pedigree and calibre was bound to have made arrangements with “another” on Valentine’s Day.
Tallulahs Valentine Card“Oh mahhhh dear, sweet Nigel, Ahhhh I am sooooooo soooooooo very sorry” she breathlessly whispered in her soft honeyed tones ….
Lingering look of love“ Ahhhh would soooooooo have loved to partake in fish fingers, chips and peas at your dear sweet abode, for it surely is my most favourite repast, but Ahhhh am already promised to have supper by candle lit with my affianced, Malcolm!” …….
2014 Valentines Daykiss
And then gently, placed a velvety soft kiss on Nigel’s lips, and as she did so Nigel was enveloped in a most romantic waft of summer roses, of which he inhaled deeply, and then swooning everso slightly, gave Tallulah the chocolate heart and mini Malteser bunny he had been also clutching ……Chocolate Valentine Heart…….. sighing philosophically that …….“Twas better to get lost in love, than to find love, and then get lost on the way home!” ??????
Cadbury With Love chocolates.He also kept hold of the box of chocolates he had intended to present to Tallulah  and instead decided to bring it home to share with Darrell and I after our own Valentines tea …… what is he like??????


Mr.D said...

Poor Nigel. He must be broken hearted. Tallulah was a little old for him anyway.

Di said...

Waaaaah, sob, sob :( What a gem in Nigel Madam 'Tallooooola' passed up. We were going to suggest heart shaped slices of bread and butter with the repast. It's her loss - bring the chocklits HERE Nigel, we have plenty of love and hungry tummies to share.

With love from your little pals in Hampshire - not quite living in canoes as yet (but who knows?)

Hank and Marvin xxx

Anonymous said...

Tallulah is looking very beautiful these days...could it be her affianced Malcolm putting that extra sparkle in her eyes?.....hopefully dear Nigel will always fondly remember this romantic episode with the gorgeous Tallulah and her sweet kindness to him....Come Valentine's day, dearly wish Nigel had been sharing fish fingers and chips with his rose scented lady love, but I know there will be lots of noms and good times at Castle Greysquirrel for Nigel with his loving family!......Dianne

marc said...

o all is fair in love and war and there are plenty more fish in the sea more pebbles on the beach lifs to short (and so are you )to have a heart broken for long take those chocs as give them to those who love you most and then go fishing for a new fish its her lose she will have a horried night knowing what she could have had big show biz advice wave and a little air kiss for just you love HUGH

Paddington fan said...

George is sniffing into a huge tissue and drying his eyes...poor Nigel!! Still every cloud as they has a silver lining - enjoy the choccys!!
Love Jacky & George xx