Saturday, 22 February 2014

Darrell??? Goes To The NEC To Look At Furniture?????

As we are having a few “renovations” done chez Castle Greysquirrel at the moment,  Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill, sent Darrell a complimentary pass (via friends of friends) to get a feel for what will be en trend of an interior type nature dans 2016!!!
welcome to the NEC
Now, Darrell not wishing to appear rude, accepted the pass, but after half an hour or so had to admit that furniture really wasn’t his “thing”. He said that had it been fashion, he would have been in his element  …..  “I know this must sound very shallow and ungrateful, but a table is a table, a chair is a chair ….. one is for nomming at and the other is for lounging on  …. c'est tout!”
Interiors UK085077
On the other hand, he did very much like and appreciate the fripperies that “adorned” a lot of the stands ……. and said that he had been quite inspired to perhaps use a few of them at Castle Greysquirrel …….
……. however we might have to change our usual brand of soup, as Tesco’s own brand might not have the same artistic affect as Campbell’s when displayed, a la mode, on our sideboard!
Darrell also completely, though regretfully, ruled out using egg slicers to enhance the ambiance of our lounge, as he said he could foresee unfortunate consequences arising, most likely involving Nigel’s head,  if we became that avant-garde!!!!
messy bed067
On another of the stands Darrell couldn’t help but notice that someone appeared to have been sleeping there, and had had quite a party ….
…….. perhaps the hotels around the NEC are a little bit expensive he reasoned, but you’d think that they could have tidied up a little before the exhibition door were opened! 
Giant Cheese
As lunchtime approached and without a packed lunch, Darrell began to notice that most of the stands offered “hospitality” in exchange for a little interest in their wares …….
bread rolls
….. so at that, Darrell’s original disinterest in hand planed oak and dove tail joints rapidly disappeared ….
cheese and biscuits
…… as he generously availed himself of their comestibles ……. and an ample sufficiency of sweeties to enjoy on the train home, not feeling at all self conscious when asking for an also  complimentary tote bag to carry them back in …..   what is he like?
And, was there anything he thought suitable enough to grace the halls of Castle Greysquirrell?
illuninated tree
Well……  yes, there was …….. two life size illuminated trees …… which Darrell felt would be the talk of all our friends at our first evening garden soiree of the year …… when the weather picked up! 
large illuminated Tree
Oh good grief …. I haven’t yet been able to ascertain as to whether he placed an order or not ….. I shall despair if he has …. and then insist that he send them back tout suite!


marc said...

the WE interiors stand was the talk of the show the unmade bed and cans of soup and last supper were a homage to artists and their great works of art from pop art to renascence all the great artist were represented and they sold lots of bits when you come to se me in london i will take you to their shop big love marc


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day to me!...... surprised Darrell couldn't find something that caught his fabrics, decorating accessories, etc......after all he did love Hugh's gorgeous London lounging cushions! Those trees do inspire thoughts of springtime soirees and summer evenings under those twinkling lights.... I'm betting his upcoming party decorating will include trees entwined with fairy lights!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I bet Darrell and Mum are looking forward to some lounging and lunching in London with H&M.