Thursday, 20 February 2014

One Of The Perks Of The Job

One of the perks of my job as Bus Bookings Officer is that I get quite a few calendars sent to me from the various companies I use …..
….. and my most favourite of this years bunch is from Prospect Coaches, which Nigel and I are oft to be found poring over …..
….. because it shows some of Prospect’s coaches in very romantic poses and settings …..
……. like in a field of golden daffodils in April …..
….. however, for us ……. the best page undoubtedly has to be July/August “shoot”, where a coach has been parked in the middle of a row of beach huts ……..
…….. not only very romantic, as we have always dreamed of having a beach hut, if only for one week ……. but also very funny, with Nigel musing as to how the passengers would be able to get on and off the bus, as it appears to be quite a tight squeeze.    Simple things ….. and simple minds ….. and all that!


Mr.D said...

If your job title were Bookings Officer (Buses,) you could be known as Bob.
Just as well it isn't Bookings Officer of Buses.
I'm with Nigel - terrible parking by the beach huts. They would have to get out through the sunroof.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Great calendar - your sense of humour boyz knows no bounds. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Gotta love job perks! great pictures for traveling the ides of a bus in a field of daffodils....the beach hut does bring wonderful thoughts of carefree summer days at the seaside; seagulls, pelicans, and sailboats bobbing along......and in the "olden" days metal sand pails with little metal shovels ......they may be simple, but are truly necessary daydreams for everyday life..... Enjoy every one of those great pictures!....Love, Dianne