Saturday, 1 February 2014

Beware The Easter Bunny

Easter fripperies are already rife in our Wolverhampton Pound World, and so I suppose  it’s only a matter of time before Nigel starts to consider composing his letter to the Easter Bunny with his egg request …… and it’s only just February!!!!!!
Picture16However,  I am planning on shielding Darrell from the presence of these clip on bunny ears for as long as humanly possible …..
Picture17….. because I fear that when he sees them, they will become the must have, de rigueur, de rigueur fashion accessory of the season and he won’t be seen dead leaving Castle Greysquirel  without them !!!!   Oh mon dieu!!


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Darrell keeps us informed of the must haves because I would have missed those bunny ear fashion accessories as Easter de rigueur.....good luck keeping them out of never know, something else might catch his artistic fashion eye this year......Dianne

marc said...

o darlings I must get the boy who does to go to one of those so called pound shops never quite sure how much things cost there I would go my self but I find mixing with the great unwashed brings me out in hives and one cant have ones divine face ruined by such things as poor mans rash but one does like the sound of clip on ears such fun and so not on trend that we could work them and make them so will get the boy to scout the local area and find some until then Darrell darling I leave the look in your hands to make it your look to launch them a unsuspecting fish for fash crowed BIG SHOWBIZ WAVE AND GERM MASKED COVERD AIR NO TOUCH KISS HUGH also one should be thinking Easter cover holders for ones anti bacterial hand wash as those bottles are so un inspiring

Mr.D said...

Darrell may have problems at work, if he isn't careful. The Christmas onsie springs to mind.

P.S. We have been away for the weekend in Cuernavaca and to some hot springs.