Thursday, 27 February 2014

A Televisual Confectionary Comestible Treat Made Better!

We very much appreciate a shared tube of Rowntrees fruit pastilles, (pastilles is such a romantic word for a confectionary item don’t you think?)  while watching our televisual programmes of choice ….
….. however we are all particularly partial to the blackcurrant ones, so when we pass them around, we always take the next one in the said tube, as is gentlemanly practice …….
fruit pastiles
…… hoping that it will be an aforementioned blackcurrant one, but inwardly sighing everso slightly if we get a green or orange one!
fruit pastilles
However, now, after a recent shopping expedition, Darrell has become our confectionary hero, as he has found that Rowntrees actually make tubes of just blackcurrant pastilles!
blackcurrant fruit pastilles.
Well, you can imagine the reception Darrell received after this momentous discovery, as he entered our portals, holding aloft not just one tube but a pack of three!!!
Blackcurrant pastiles..
Life really does keep on giving and just gets betterer and betterer ……
Blackcurrant Pasitles...
…….. nom, nom ,nom!!!


Mr.D said...

"Pastilles is such a romantic word for a confectionary item don’t you think?" Yes, or something medicinal.
Well done Darrell - a great find!

Karen said...

Wow I've never seen these. It's always a fight in our house too so will have to look out for them! Thanks for the heads up! Karen x

Anonymous said...

How lucky is this? A confectionary dream come true......happiness in a small tube of yummy's those small surprises that make our day many times!......enjoy ever one of those romantic pastilles.......Dianne

marc said...

o my i am off out to buy a box of these as they are one of our most fav treats and every one wants that one your stars thanks for the thumbs up