Tuesday, 25 February 2014

No Darrell …… No!

Darrell is gearing himself up for his next visit to see Hugh, his best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill ….. and as such is most anxious to impress him with his latest attempt at de rigueur ……
long wig 2long wig 1
However ……  though I admit to knowing very little about de rigeuer myself, I felt that I had to tell him most robustly that in no way, shape or form is his latest en trend acquisition de rigueur ……
long wig 3
…… and if he wore it in public, on his visit to Hugh, in Hugh’s high standing and position in Notting Hill’s cafe society would certainly be severely strained and compromised …..
long wig 4
……. and Darrell would most probably find himself ostracised from the London Lounging community he so strived to belong to on his visits.  I think he got the message ……. !!!
I despair
And me? …….well,  I felt completely wrung out by the whole episode …... sometimes I just despair!


Mr.D said...

He looks a bit like an 80's pop star with that wig.

Anonymous said...

I did a double take there - I thought today's blog was all about a visit you'd had a visit from Ozzy Osbourne. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

The most important thing for Darrell to know is all will be well if he just heeds that wise advice to "Be Yourself"......truer words were never spoken......he can rely on his charm and friendly good humour to be the best of all to put forward to any and all in London Lounging Society!......Relax and enjoy your London visit!....Dianne

marc said...

Darrell My Darling darling boy Dianne has put in to words so well what one would tell you just be the darling you are your wit and charm disarm us all and your kindness and gentle ways put us London loungers to shame its because you are you we love you you have a style and a de rigueur that is all your own and i know of a few would be london loungers who aspire and dream of being just like you so looking forward to seeing you soon london holds its breath waiting for the fresh air that is Darrell big show biz wave and air kiss love Hugh