Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nigel Muses …… Upon Colour

Whilst we are robustly involved in several major decorating projects Chez Castle Greysquirrel at the moment, which has  entailed much debate huddled around a myriad of colour charts…..
Nigel Muses Upon Colour
……. Nigel has suggested that we should go mostly for green, because as he put it so succinctly …..  there is not one flower colour that doesn’t go with it’s stem!


Mr.D said...

Nature knows best?
Or is it Nigel knows best?
I'm sure Hugh and Marc can advise Darrell and mum when they soon see each other again.

Anonymous said...

So true, all flower colours are complimented by a green stem......do you think green is the new grey or black?......Hugh would have the answers on current colour choices for that decorator look.....so exciting seeing all of this decorating!....for us lazy folk, much easier seeing someone else making all these decisions than being knee deep with colour charts ourselves!!........Dianne