Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Air Freshener Envy?

It might all get a bit boring for our readers, but with every day that passes Le Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup continues to throw up more and more delights……. for example, we were growingly concerned by the noticeable increased frequency in Nigel’s visits to the bathroom ……. fearing that he may have picked up a country born infection of a personal type nature, but didn’t like to say ……..
IMG_0863……… however, it finally twigged that he had developed a strange fascination for Hugh’s motion sensitive air freshener …… every time Nigel entered the room it would immediately emit whiff of fragrance …….. even though Nigel didn’t always emit any fragrant whiffs of his own variety.  He had tried all manner of ways in which to entrance the said bathroom, and without fail a robust waft would follow, Nigel just can’t catch it out!
IMG_0864Needless to say, Castle Greysquirrel has now been found lacking in the air freshener department, something that Nigel is now determined to rectify upon our return!  Heaven help us …….. Hugh and his London ways has much to answer for!!!!


Mr.D said...

A motion detector air freshener.
Hours of fun for all the family.

Mr.D said...

It would be empty in no time with Nigel around.