Tuesday, 16 June 2015

The Most WONDEROUS News To Come Home To …….

We have wondrous news to impart ….. we did sort of have an inkling via text messages from Lucy, but we didn’t want to say anything until we saw them with our own eyes………..
IMG_1187……. but our fish are back!!!!  All of them …. and all with their fins, gills and tails and things intact !!!!!!
IMG_1193They must have had one most mahoooooooosive fright and then feared to venture near the surface until just a couple of days ago, even though they must have been starving …… Lucy said that at the moment they would take your hand off for food!
So safe in the knowledge that they were back, even though they’d never been anywhere,  we all donned our work clothes and set about putting new (safer) nets over the protective frames…….
IMG_1211 … so that if they ever disappeared again, there would be no reason to suspect that a marauding heron or such like has taken them.IMG_1184Words can not begin to describe how happy we are ……
IMG_1185……. perhaps, we took it for granted that they would always there, but not now…….IMG_1210…… Nigel has vowed that he will sit on his bench at least once a day to make sure that they are all happy ….. and shoooooooo anything away that may possibly put the willies up them again, we can’t ever go through this traumatic trauma again, it’s been tooooooo much of an emotional rollercoaster ride!


Anonymous said...

Phew - I will sleep safe on my feather pillow tonight knowing that the little fishies are safe. Worry over. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

All sounds rather fishy to me.
Maybe they went on holiday too.
To Fishguard?

PharmacyMichele said...

Hurrah-perhaps the fish are overjoyed to see you all back home?!


Anonymous said...

those fish must have a tale to tell!.....bit of a romantic mystery there but safe and sound at last.....so happy all is well......Dianne

PS Hooray!....my comments are finding their way through cyberspace!