Friday, 5 June 2015

Hugh’s Birthday Rocky Road Review

We have finally come to the end of the Castle Greysquirrel Rocky Road we made for Hugh for his birthday, let’s just say….. to be honest…..  and modest ……. we do make exceedingly good celebratory Rocky Road, but there again, we can, at times, be our own best fan club!
IMG_0827Hugh had taken about three quarters of the box with him back to Notting Hill, to eat, he said “…… between zee meetings” and to share some with “….. zee lady unt gentleman” who do for him in London.  “I can not believe zat you got sooooooo many packets of zee sweeties in juste one cake!” Hugh had sighed after his first chunk adding “Oow, oow, oow …..sacre bleu ……..c’est très très magnifique, and ‘ow you say nom diddy nom nom no?”
IMG_0821We had licked the bowl, so we knew how good it was ………..
IMG_0823…… the combination of everything we put in was a triumph, from the Maltesters, Milky Bar Buttons, and Toffee Crisp Pieces to the mahooooosive bag of mini marshmallows, Cadbury Chocolate Fingers and crushed up  “moo cow biscuits” (malted milk).IMG_0824A cake, not for the faint hearted or calorie conscious, to be eaten with a modicum of moderation and restraint …… but of which, we believe, is entirely worthy of a self awarded 500 million and one noms on our expanding Richter Scale of homemade noms!!!!!


Mr.D said...

That many noms! An expanding waistline as well as an expanding scale of noms.

Anonymous said...

Oh do send a slice up to me...........but then again I'm guessing it's long gone now......sigh........just as well really, I've just come back after a few days away with far too many salted caramel cup cakes on offer - so it's back to the Rocky Road of calorie counting for me! Janthefan x

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-that looks good. I can feel the calories just by looking at your scrumptious Rocky Road.


Greek Monkeys said...

We want some.......!

Anonymous said...

An amazing birthday gift Hugh won't ever forget! really outdid yourself with this fab Rocky Road!.....when faced with a masterpiece like this, calories don't count, just the memory of it's not to be forgotten luscious goodness......Dianne