Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A Most Wonderful Day Out ……..

Hugh had arranged for his “Man That Does” to drop us off at The Three Counties Showground yesterday for the day, because there was a mahoooooosive flea market on, and knowing how much we love to have a jolly good mooch and rootle around  at such events and enjoy a bit of Bargain Hunt during our mid-morning televisual viewing, he thought would make a very pleasurable interlude for us ……“After all…” he said, “Zere is zee limit to ‘ow long zee chickens can entertain and amuse you no?”
IMG_0773We have never seen so many stalls, miles and miles of them and we were all able to mooch to almost beyond our hearts desire, Darrell and I were particularly interested in items of a furniture type nature to give us ideas of what style we might go for when we eventually move to Evesham ……. I would say that, at the moment, we definitely veer towards a late Victorian, early Edwardian with a touch of industrial chic in our tastes
IMG_0776Whereas Nigel was drawn to items of a novelty nature …….
IMG_0775…… and there was a little sulking and quivering of the bottom lip when I had to tell him that though a Sindy caravan was indeed just perfect for him, the “antique” prices were a touch prohibitive and so not quite as perfect, unless he wanted to take out a mortgage!
IMG_0779However …… just as I thought we might have tears, our attention was diverted by the presence of a filming camera crew …….
IMG_0780Well, it would have been rude not to go over and introduce ourselves wouldn’t it ……
IMG_0781……… and ask what they were filming ……..
IMG_0782OMG, they were ONLY filming Bargain Hunt ………
IMG_0783And the presenter Tim Wannoctt was mooching just like us …….….. and we were desperate to know what “bargain” he had secreted away in his carrier bag …… Nigel hoping against hope it wasn’t a Sindy caravan!
IMG_0784Whether Hugh had an inkling that filming was scheduled for that day, we don’t know ….. but it really was the icing with a cherry on the top for me and Darrell, who is now musing as to whether he too might suit a panama hat and pink dickie bow.  It wasn’t quite the icing on top for Nigel …… his thoughts were still firmly on the caravan!!!!


Anonymous said...

(hopefully repeating comment).......I do love that little caravan!...I think Darrell could do the Panama very well; particularly if Hugh was wearing one.....looks like wonderful goodies at the fab flea market......going to be so much fun planning an Evesham Castle Greysquirrell.....Dianne

PS...don't tell Nigel, but with a large tray on top, it could make a fun side table in a play room

Mr.D said...

Hugh could wear a bow tie or a cravat?

Sarah said...

The sight of Nigel in the caravan has made my week!

Mr.D said...

Hopefully Nigel won't start wanting cravats and bow ties.
Hugh can pull it off, but few others.