Thursday, 18 June 2015

No Place Like Home

Castle Greysquirrel may not have authentic beams hewn from the timbers of one of Nelson’s battle ships like Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup …….
……. but we do have beams ………if only hewn from B & Q …..
…… and our garden may smell more of l’air de Wolverhampton than les aromas del countryside …… and be bereft of the company of chickens …..
….. but, be it everso humble ……..
…….there’s no place like home!
……. and in our absence “the grounds” of said Castle have bloomed! 
We have planted the plants we bought in Worcester, under the expert tutorage of Hugh’s “man that does”, and have followed his planting instructions to the letter …… we have forgotten what he called them, but they are white and so easily spotted …… and we shall keep you informed as to their progress and see if they adapt well to the soils of Wolverhampton.
Nigel has also found a new sanctuary among the mahooooosive leaves of what he calls our “dinosaur plant”, because, in his expert opinion, he says “….. it looks reminiscent of something out of the cretaceous period and would therefore have undoubtedly been consumed by  rampant herbivicious dinosaurs!”
I am quite not sure about that, Nigel is no Dickie Attenborough,  but, if I can’t find him when it’s his turn to do the washing up, I now have a shrewd idea where I might find him!!


Mr.D said...

Cretaceous period, not cretinous period, I am pleased to say.

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel looks quite comfortable sitting in the foliage. Good spot to soak up the sun.


Anonymous said...

So true; home sweet home is the familiar however humble......plants are are swimming!.....perfect in every way.....Dianne

marc said...

your home is not humble it is a castle as every one knows a English mans home is his castle and we love the garden big air kiss show biz wave Hugh