Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Nigel Explores Evesham ……. No. 5

Following on from yesterday Nigel has found even MORE star studded entertainment that could possibly be of interest to us.
Unfortunately, we have missed out on  An Evening With Julian Lloyd Webber, which is why Nigel needs his notebook about his person at all times
However, we haven’t missed out on Chas and Dave …… if we should so wish to avail ourselves of tickets!!!
….. And Darrell could possibly be interested in “A Night Of Queen”. But poor Nigel got a bit confused and wondered if this event was perhaps connected to the “Haunted Evesham” boards he had seen when he first arrived ….. seeing as Freddie Mercury is sadly no longer with us. I think I need to explain tribute bands to him on his return …… and not let him continue to think that the evening is something akin to a Derek Acorah séance but of a musical type nature, with Freddie channelling through Mr Acorah, that would just be tooooooo weird!!!


Mr.D said...

I heard Julian Lloyd Webber play a cello concerto many years ago - Andrew's brother. Their father was a composer of classical music - one talented family.

PharmacyMichele said...

I think poor Nigel might be expecting a concert from "beyond the grave" unless you explain tribute bands-poor lad!!!


marc said...

just so much to do in that younder town big love marc

Anonymous said...

Oh my, one of the Webber family AND the possibility of a channeled Freddie Mercury!.....what other wonders will Nigel's Evesham reporting bring us?....Dianne