Thursday, 4 June 2015

We Embrace The Worcestershire Country Life!

Hugh had asked his “man that does” to freshen up the garden a little ….. as he thought that there were a few spaces that might benefit from a little filling …..
Now to us, the garden looks absolutely wonderful……
But, Hugh is a bit of a perfectionist ……
IMG_0853……. and his “man that does”, who generally does not question Hugh’s requests, confided in us that he strongly suspected that Hugh was entertaining Simone Cowelllllllle in a few weeks time…..
IMG_0855……. and Hugh wanted to impress!
And fortuitously, as it happened, Hugh’s “man that does” knew of a plant sale in the local community hall “in that there yonder village…..” and wondered if we would like to go along with him.
Now, what we know about plants, you can write on the back of a postage stamp, but who were we not to embrace a rural village occasion ….. and armed with the boxes Hugh’s “man that does” gave us, we joined the very long queue outside the aforementioned local community hall in “yonder that there village”.
As it turned out, it was most wonderfully exciting to mingle amongst real country folk, amid their friendly enthusiastic jostling to get to the most popular plants first ….. it was like a countrified version of the first day of Harrods sale
Hugh’s “man that does”, being a very experienced gardener knew exactly what he was looking for ……. and made some very considered purchases ……. but  suggested if we didn’t mind looking at another local place, famed for it’s plants, as there were still a couple of things he needed to make Hugh’s garden “Look just grand”
How Hugh’s “man that does” could choose a couple of plants from this mahooooooosive field of plants we just don’t know, but he did!
And so as not to appear to be total gardening philistines, we decided to ask him what he would suggest for the summer in Castle Greysquirrel’s garden….. he immediately suggested some Jacobaea maritima or Dusty Miller, an old-fashioned bedding plant, long known, he said, for its tolerance of neglect …… of which we immediately purchased a box of six, as it would have looked rude not to, and, in the confidence that it was the sort of plant that even we could look after!
Before we left Hugh’s “man that does” pointed out one of the most romantic trees we think we have ever seen …… a tree laden with mistletoe……and in our opinion you can’t get any more romantic than that!!!
When we got back to Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup we did offer to help Hugh’s “man that does” to plant his wares, but after scratching the top of his head he said, as tactfully as he could, that “…… perhaps not on this occasion, young gents, Mr Hugh, has a particular way that he likes things done, you know these show business types and their ways, best not aye?  But a nice cuppa tea wouldn’t go a miss if you would be so kind!”  Happy Days!!!!!


Mr.D said...

"The man that does" has done good.
Hopefully the new, old blog will work fine.

PharmacyMichele said...

Perfect way to buy plants!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hugh's garden looks lovely; can't imagine how it could be improved......even his birdhouse is perfection.....another grand day out!......can it get any more wonderful?......dusty miller is a very popular plant in flower beds here.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Hugh's man that does is awesome.