Saturday, 27 June 2015

Rediscovering Old Pleasures

Darrell has rediscovered the pleasures of Revels as his evening confectionary of choice while he is watching the tele ….. with Ru Paul’s Drag Race being his very, very very favourite most programme at the moment as he says it sooooooo reminds him of Hugh!!!!!!
He says that said Revel’s offer the element of confectionary surprise, as you never quite know what you are getting next ….. as the sizes are very much the same, except for the Maltesers and chocolate counters of course.
He has also confessed that he likes to pop more than one, two, three or even four in his mouth at the same time to create, what he likes to call a Revel Fusion ……
……. which helps make his least favourite, the coffee ones, much more interesting!!!!!
What is he like?????????


PharmacyMichele said...

Oooh-don't know about Revels, think Darrells a bit of a rebel trying so many sweets at once!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a confectionary party for the taste buds and a great treat while viewing a favourite TV show!......yummy, enjoy!.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Just sent the coffee ones up to me Darrell - my favourite! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I don't know how long it is since I had Revels.
The mixture of sweets could be a Revelation!

marc said...

i to love all things coffee the boy who does often goes to the little shop on the corner with the green logo and a h in its name to get one a large selection of hand made coffee chocs big love Hugh or Aka Crystal de canter while watching our old pal Ru big