Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A Case Of Mistaken Identity Of A Confectionary Type Nature!!

Nigel came in from the garden yesterday in a complete state of flux …… he had found something that was “both wonderful and great” he said …. and that “would probably make our fortunes!!!”  …..
He said that he had found some really, really, really, really old coins, blackened from centuries of being buried in our garden, but the spot of gardening we had done a couple of days ago must have disturbed them …. and because they were in such an awful mess we hadn’t really noticed  them.
There was no doing with the little chap! He was going to polish them up …. but decided, after watching past episodes of The Antiques Roadshow  he thought it best leave them as he found them until he got them appraised, in case it had a detrimental effect on their value.
He was also anxious to show Darrell his treasure …… but Darrell looked a little very, very,sheepish …….
He had something grave to tell Nigel …… these weren’t the priceless doubloons that Nigel was positive they were ….. they were in fact ….. some of the liquorice Pontefract Cakes he had dropped  and instead of picking them up, thought that the birds or other small creatures that might inhabit our garden might like them!!!!!!!!
Poor Nigel ……. he was totally and absolutely crestfallen, and dreams of a mahooooosive spending spree thwarted ….. by Darrell’s casual attitude towards his soiled confectionary !!! ………
IMG_1579……. he, Darrell …..has a lot of making up to do!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, lost treasure and lost dreams in only a few moments!...I know Nigel will find his pot of gold if he just keeps trying......he is well versed on proper procedure thanks to Antique Roadshow!....better luck next time, Nigel......Dianne

Mr.D said...

I love Pontefract Cakes.