Sunday, 7 June 2015

Darrel Spots A Most Desirable Bathroom Trend …….

During our time as guests at Hugh’s country pile, Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup, Darrell was been intently studying all of the decor with minute interest …..
……. taking careful note of any potential en-trend ideas for when we  eventually move to Evesham, full time, one day.
It is patently obvious that dolphins are “all the de-rigueur” at Hugh’s especially in the downstairs salle de bain and Darrell is pretty sure that Hugh’s are solid gold, even down to the screws  ………. as he has also been talking to Hugh’s “Man That Does”!
IMG_0641Well, solid gold dolphins are definitely out of our financial reach I am afraid, I don’t think we could manage and aforementioned screw …….. and Hugh, well, he has soooooooo many of them (dolphins and screws)!!!!!IMG_0643However, Darrell’s aspirations are not to be discouraged …… “If this is the trend and we decide to augment it in Evesham, we might not be able to have “zee” solid gold …… but, there are ways and means ….. and EBay, no?!” he mused, as he scribbled something in his “Things What Are On Trend” notebook which he always carries around with him!! What is he like?


Mr.D said...

Gold dolphins?
What next?
Platinum mermaids I expect.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-watch out for mysterious packages arriving!!


Anonymous said...

I just know Darrell and his decorating skills will manage a salle de bain (on a budget) that will be as beautiful as Hugh' much inspiration via Hugh's country haven......dolphins always seem appropriate for baths, but wonder what will be next in the en trend genre.....Thank goodness Darrell and Hugh keep us all informed!......Dianne