Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dare They?

Nigel has noticed yet another poster …….. he says it’s as if, through subliminal messages, his inner Derek Acorah is being urged to come out and make himself known!  What is he like?
IMG_2417Drawing Down The Moon does indeed sound like a very romantic activity ….. and who wouldn’t want to be a moon goddess?
IMG_2420But Darrell has said that if there are to be any rituals taking part on the banks of the River Avon, no matter how romantic, should, he and Nigel choose to invest £20 each of their own money and partake, they should  go wearing life jackets, in case of unforeseen contradictory forces emanating from said river,  which is obviously not such a romantic look when worn over long flowing goddess attire ……. what is he like?


PharmacyMichele said...

Wise words from Darrell, Better to be safe than sorry!!


Mr.D said...

I suppose you could wear the Mae West under the flowing robes, along with arm bands. You would then look fat but with big muscles.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness - what lies beneath the leafy, gentle lanes of Evesham? I think it is your duty to find out boyz - with or without a life raft, life belt, lifebuoy, lifeboat or other such things. I'm waiting with great anticipation to find out! Janthefan x

Anonymous said...

Oh, while rivers can be romantic, they can be fickle so covering all possibilities would be wise.....Drawing Down the Moon is certainly enticing to the romance in the soul......exciting adventures every day in Evesham!.......Dianne