Monday, 20 July 2015

It’s Sausage Review Time

Well, back in Evesham, Nigel’s considered sausage purchase has by all accounts proved to be a rather resounding success, with both he and Darrell awarding them a unanimous 10 robust sausage noms out of 10, on our proven Richter Scale of Award Winning Sausage Noms.
sausage reviewThey were firm, meaty and very, very flavoursome …… and most importantly of all not a trace of fat was to be found in the grill pan.  Darrell said that they promised much and they certainly delivered several times over……
sausage review.……. and shall hence forth be the our Evesham sausage of choice.
nom nom nom sausage reviewDarrell and Nigel have also signed up for the butcher’s newsletter so that when The Sausage of the Week is confirmed and they like the sound of it, they can pop in and pick up a couple of links on a Tuesday when they generally arrive in Evesham to undertake for their weekly “duties”, looking after Baby Iris.  I think I need to get down there too, those two are definitely embracing Evesham and all its pleasures a little to firmly and I appear to be missing out!!


PharmacyMichele said...

I think you need to board the Evesham Express & join the intrepid food tasters.


Mr.D said...

My dad was a Master butcher. He used to make special sausages and burgers for us, using the finest ingredients and none of the more dubious parts of the animal. They were delicious.

Thanks for bringing back the happy memories.

Anonymous said...

Great idea to be on the spot in Evesham; wonderful discoveries appear to pop up every day!....A butcher who offers fantastic personal service is a treasure not to be taken for granted....Nigel looks so happy with that sausage in hand! ......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Yep another one here who thinks Evesham is the place to be - give me a good tasty sausage any day of the week. Worth moving house for! JantheFan x