Saturday, 25 July 2015

Fresh Air, Good Company And Goodbyes ….

It seems that when we left work all those weeks ago now, we started off a sort of mini tsunami, with others deciding to follow in our wake…..
…… so yesterday Nigel declared “the leaving season officially open”, when he accepted a very kind invitation from Sarah, The Geography Lady to celebrate her leaving, with an afternoon tea at her lovely house, in what Nigel described being in the “blissful middle of nowhere” …..
……. up windy narrow lanes and a cobbledy path, surrounded only by trees, fields and hills, with a view that he declared was one of the romantic vistas he had ever seen …. but without the sea!
He also said that for the first half hour or so he just sat and breathed in the wonderful fresh air, as it would have looked most rude not too ……
….. along with some of the other guests who he hadn’t seen since we left work, who were equally bowled over by the view ……
…… before then availing himself of the very ample said afternoon tea ……making several lingering visits to the table, trying everything at least twice, as again, it would have looked most rude not to!
Once very pleasantly full, he wondered if he should offer to help wash up, but as they had a dishwasher and it all seemed under control, he decided, that perhaps it might, on this occasion, look rude to “proffer help”, as if “implying” that they looked as if they needed help ….. what is he like???!!!
…… And went instead to say goodbye to Chorley, The Geography Monkey who had helped share the wonderful Iceland Trip with Nigel last year ….. reminiscing about all the wonderful things that they had seen, that without the Geography Departments kind invitation they would probably have never ever seen in their lifetimes.  Nigel told Chorley about our new life going to and fro to Evesham to look after Baby Iris and Chorley told Nigel of his new position working as an Artists Assistant, firing up the kiln… exciting times.
2015 is going to be a summer of great changes and new beginnings ……..and despite being very full with strawberries and cream …… it was emotional!!!


Anonymous said...

Good times with good friends, good view and good food - it would have been just too rude to miss a good afternoon like that. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

How great to meet up.
That is a fine view.

PharmacyMichele said...

Sounds like you had s lovely dsy, will Nigel keep in touch with Chorley??!!


Anonymous said...

A perfect day in every way......that vista is stunning and beautiful beyond words; food for the heart and soul.....Lucky Geography Lady to live in such a lovely place ......good friends all together and that delicious food make for special memories.....Chorley looks like a dear and can exchange stories of his artist adventures with Nigel and his days and nights in Evesham with Iris adventures!....Dianne