Friday, 24 July 2015

Nigel Begins To Get In The Holiday Spirit.

It won’t be long before we are off to Greece for another Greek Odyssey and as coincidence goes the man down the chip shop gave Nigel a little leaflet on Doner Kebabs when he fetched our chippie tea the other day.
Learning About Doner KebabIt would have been rude for Nigel not to peruse said leaflet ……..
IMG_2143……. however the “philosophy” behind a kebab is something that has never really concerned Nigel.
Doner Kebab InformationAll that he is bothered about is the fact that he will be able to nom on the real thing, in real life, in the real home of the doner kebab, in a week or so’s time ……..
Doner Kebab……. and I am sure that it won’t be just the one!!!!!


Mr.D said...

You have made my mouth water.

Doner kebab,not Donner Party, Dianne.

PharmacyMichele said...

Nothing like getting into the "holiday spirit " even if it is with a doner kebab!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Definitely not the Donner party for a holiday, Mr.D!.....but I'm certain the doner kebabs ( the Donner party should have been so lucky) will hit the spot whether one is fully aware of their philosophy or not!.....true holiday is upcoming in the best sun and fun tradition in romantic Greece .....Dianne