Thursday, 16 July 2015

Our Very First Polish Biscuit Review–Jezyki Kokos

When Baby Iris takes her afternoon nap it provides a most excellent opportunity for Darrell and Nigel to do the odd comestible review or two…..
IMG_2269….. and yesterday it seemed rude not  to review the Jezyki  Kokos Darrell bought the other day!
IMG_2272Let’s just say that they had to rely heavily on the illustrated packaging as to the pleasures that lay within ….. and what they deduced to be a biscuit base, with a combination of coconut, hazelnut and toffee, covered in chocolate, seemed very good choice for our first Polish Review. IMG_2273And did said Jezyki  Kokos deliver???? Oh my goodness, did they …… !!! 
IMG_2275There was no need for any debate …….. Nigel’s and Darrell’s findings were unanimous and unequivocal, in between all the nomming.
IMG_2278The biscuits ticked every single box, twice over, and scored an almost unbelievable 16.9% out of 17% on our Richter Scale of Polish Nomski Noms.
IMG_2279Unfortunately, did not have the pleasure ….. as they ate the lot, in one sitting!!!  However, they have promised to make sure that they have a packet safely packed away when they come home next ……..  and I should think so too!!!!


Mr.D said...

Looks like a winner.
Jezyki Kokos means coconut languages in Polish....

PharmacyMichele said...

Ooooh-tempting us with exotic delights! As we have a large Polish community here, I might be able to find these delights.


Anonymous said...

They do look delicious......wonderful blend of favourite flavours......Lucky you!...perfect confectionary treat!......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh these look rather yummy. I might have to pop down to MY nearest Polish food shop and pop a few of these tasty treats into my basket and I know exactly where the shop is! JantheFan x