Sunday, 19 July 2015

Nigel’s Turn To Bring Home The Bacon!

On his frequent journeys back and forth to Evesham station, Nigel had noticed a small butchers that purported to sell award winning sausages.
IMG_2425Well, it goes without saying that everyone loves an award winning sausage don't they? So, it was only natural for Nigel to avail himself of one or two of said award winning sausages, “To be honest” he said “… it would look very rude not too, wouldn’t it?
IMG_2424After some deliberation, eight links of the finest traditional sausages were duly purchased ….. perhaps not the most adventurous of choices, but as Nigel said, he thought we should start simply to familiarise ourselves of the basic flavour and texture etc. and then, gradually work our way through the smorgasbord of ever changing varieties……. “Delicacies such as smokey bacon and asparagus or beef and horseradish…” according to Nigel, our new Monsieur Connoisseur de Sausage,  “…. are to be savoured and certainly not woofed down or served with chips and tomato sauce, that would be treason!”  IMG_2421He also said that once we have gone through all the sausages, there are the award winning burgers to try too ….. like wild mushroom ones ….. and don’t get him started on the faggots, he has already decided we will be delving into their delights next week!
award winning sausageNigel was thrilled to be awarded given a loyalty card, which made him feel very honoured,  just like a proper local and part of the Evesham establishment …….Dave Purser Awards Winning Butcher……. and with one stamp already ….. it’s really is happy days from here on in, even without The Fonz!
And how did the sausages taste?  ….. A review will naturally ensue!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

Oooooh-Nigel is getting to be a proper food taster! A new career perhaps?!


Mr.D said...

Nigel is very good at hunting out these special shops.
Maybe the overseas readers may not be familiar with the food faggots....

Anonymous said...

Embracing all that is Evesham and in return being embraced in a welcoming manner by Evesham points to many Happy Days ahead! could it not?.....So right, Mr.D, this devoted fan from across the pond wasn't up on how faggots was made; wasn't sure if it might be related to haggis (Scottish I know).....had to look it up!.......every Evesham moment makes it more and more like a homecoming....Dianne