Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Life In The Fast Lane ....Wielding A Pushchair ….

Nigel and Darrell’s time in Evesham is not all sightseeing and looking, in Darrell’s case, for the romantic in almost everything, there is serious work to be done too as Relative Uncles, in helping to look after Baby Iris.And Darrell is learning to become quite an expert in the art of shopping in our Evesham supermarket of choice Lidl …….
……. whilst wielding a pushchair with little Baby Iris on board.At the moment he isn’t going anywhere near attempting to buy more than five items at a time ……..
Shopping with a pushchair…… so all purchases have to be much considered …..
……. nothing too bulky, or too heavy or too squashy or leaky, or might defrost too quickly and which must fit in the basket under the pushchair or a small shopping bag. Our carefree shopping days of mooching and making the odd random purchase are temporary suspended for a little while as we all get to grips with the challenges that now face us …….
…….. but saying that, it’s all too wonderful for words, and Baby Iris is doing her best to help out too!!!!


Mr.D said...

My younger brother's wife is German and they sometimes find German goodies like cakes in Lidl.
We have just arrived in England for a holiday and we are going up to Glasgow this weekend to see them.

PharmacyMichele said...

Being an Uncle is a serious job, especially when it involves shopping.


Anonymous said...

New adventures all around, and happy times with baby Iris top the list!.....enjoy every moment as she is growing and learning more each day.....Happy Days in Evesham!.....Dianne