Saturday, 4 July 2015

Darrell Decides To Join Nigel In Evesham.

Darrell is really missing Nigel, who is having a whale of a time doing his mini trip advisor thing in Evesham ……..
train to evesham……… so yesterday, Darrell decided to join him …… and in doing so accepted the Home to Evesham Four Train Challenge!!!
Train to Evesham.To be honest, it was, as Darrell so eloquently put it  “a piece of pith”, since he is a seasoned traveller to London and is no stranger to the pleasures of the underground system!
IMG_1954Seeing this poster made him chuckle especially, because whenever Hugh waves Darrell off at Euston each time, he does tend to get VERY emotional and carried away ….. and as a result has had to be rescued several times when got his feather boa has got trapped in the train door!monkey selfieSo as an aforementioned traveller, Darrell passed the time by taking and sending Kim Kardashian type selfies ……..
Monkey selfie..monkey selfie.
But I do wish he wouldn’t pout quite so much !!!!  It looks so not him!!!!!!


PharmacyMichele said...

Darrell looks like he could be ready for fame-maybe he's destined to join Hugh and appear on TV?!


Anonymous said...

A feather boa fluttering around could be a problem when seeing friends off at the train station.....this Evesham trip will be a "piece of cake" for experienced train traveler Darrell....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I prefer someone else to take a selfie of me.......