Sunday, 5 July 2015

Darrell Is Totally And Absolutely Dazzled

As soon as Darrell arrived in Evesham Nigel set about introducing him to the pleasures of Evesham with a robust  gusto …….. but the place that brought Darrell to a complete standstill was something that Nigel hadn’t even noticed of himself ……… namely …..
Evesham Derek's Hair Studios…… Derek’s Hair Studios! Poor Darrell was rendered totally and absolutely spellbound ……..
Derek's Hair studios Evesham….. and decided there and then, without even going in, that Derek’s would indeed be his hairdresser of choice from now on in Evesham. Whether the decor inside will reflect the unique retro feel of the outside, is something for the pair of them to discover …….. when Darrell is, perhaps, not quite so overcome…..


Anonymous said...

Quite amazing!.....of course Derek and his hair salon,, will soon be catering to Darrell's every whim... all the pieces are coming together to say loud and clear: "Welcome"!......Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Oooh-very retro, I'll bet Derek still sells Brylcream.


Anonymous said...

Oh I say boyz - you don't think???? Could it belong to????? It would be rather spooky if it was indeed it is owned by thee Derek we know and love. I'll be watching this space while you go through those doors for a short back and sides and maybe a shampoo and condition from Sam too!!! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

JtF - short back and sides - my thoughts exactly. Spooky in a Derek Acorah sort of way.