Monday, 27 July 2015

Nigel Wants A Bra!

Evesham is happily blessed with some most excellent charity shops, from which, we have already purchased several treasures …….. however, of late,  I have noticed that Nigel been has rootling about in the erm …… “items of small interest”,  to wit … the underwear baskets!  Now, not wishing to caste any unwanted nasturtiums, I thought I ought to ask what exactly it was that he was erm …… rootling for!!!
bra plant holdersAnd, I should have known that the wide eyed answer I got would be of an entirely innocent  type nature.Bra planterIt seems that Nigel had noticed that in the Oxfam shop they were displaying their seasonal plants in what he described as “ample lady’s accoutrements” ……….
IMG_2557…… and had thought, that perhaps, the grounds of Chateau Castle Greysquirrel could become even more glorious by sharing in the trend! He even had a colour scheme in mind, but green and orange “lady’s accoutrements”, especially in “ample” are not the easiest colours to find, especially in charity shops ……..
IMG_2556…… and was now thinking that perhaps he would call Hugh to see if he had any thing he didn’t want anymore, left over from his Crystal Chandelier days of drag, as, from what he has told us, he certainly had a cleavage capable of holding an abundant cascade of lobelia or several fuchsias!!!!
Oh my life, what is Nigel like?????


PharmacyMichele said...

OMG-I nearly choked on my Shredded Wheat!!! All I can say is Good Luck searching for orange + green underwear in larger sizes.


Anonymous said...

Never thought of a creative idea like this!......perhaps a macrame version might substitute and look a little more Castle Greysquirrel garden style......if Nigel's adamant about the real deal, Hugh being in the know, could be an excellent source of info ......Dianne

Mr.D said...

What will they think of next?
I suppose it is one of the three Rs - reuse, or is that refuse?

Anonymous said...

My cup runneth over with giggles galore! JantheFan x

marc said...

o boys a over the shoulder boulder holder what fun i must see if he who does likes the idiea of a few hanging in around